Erik Frederiksen / Manager and Coach

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Coach Erik spent 12 years of his life learning how to train himself, and others for the mental and physical challenges of combat as a United States Marine Infantryman. While he was serving, he was certified in Combat Fitness, Combat Lifesaving, and the Marine Corps Martial Arts Program where he achieved the rank of Black Belt Instructor. Now, he wants to use the same lessons he learned to prepare people for the obstacles in everyday life. He is a Certified Personal Trainer with the National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM), CrossFit Level 2 Coach, CPR/AED certified and is studying for a Bachelor of Science in Kinesiology with a focus in Exercise Science.  He is motivated by the family he feels privileged to have, the amazing people he gets to meet, and looks forward to helping you achieve your health and fitness goals. 

Elizabeth Estrada/Head Coach  

Being raised by her dad and brothers, she had no other option than to be an active kid. Liz started doing bicep curls when she was in forth grade because her brothers told me to, and she wanted to be strong so that one day she could beat them up herself. 

Liz wrestled for 3 years in  high school, making it to the men’s CIF and placing 3rd at women’s CIF championship. She went to Citrus College earning her AA in Kinesiology and Physical & Biological Sciences while competing in Pole Vault, Javelin, and hurdles for 3 years. She transferred to University of La Verne, earning a Bachelors Degree with honors in Movement and Sports Science. At ULV Liz met her Strength and Conditioning Coach who introduced her to the sport of Olympic weightlifting.  She loves the mental and physical challenge of weightlifting, and strives to motivate athletes to reach beyond what they think is possible. 

Nate Pontius/Coach

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Despite being an all-state track runner in high school, it wasn't until Nate entered his second deployment as a Marine serving in Afghanistan that he realized the utmost importance of being physically fit.  Nate spent his free time surrounded by weights. Nate dedicated his heart and body to the study of physicality. He first began with the typical body building movements, and then had an eye awakening experience with his first CrossFit workout. CrossFit allowed his programming to transform into something even more versatile and beneficial, than the standard body building technique, and helped to improve his overall health and fitness, as well as his survival skills.

Nate is certified as a personal trainer, nutritionist and a CrossFit coach.  He's studied mixed martial arts, taught boxing, gymnastics and hand to hand combat. He hopes to provide everyone he trains and coaches the most efficient and effective movements from each of these disciplines, as well as learn something new from him each class.