CrossFit 213 is located at 714 Hill St. Basement, Los Angeles, CA 90014.  See below for google maps and directions.

parking lot.jpg


Enter from the sidewalk on Hill St. under the awning that says 712. Our logo is on the door. Walk down the stairs to the basement and you're here!

We are on the northeast bound side of Hill St. between 7th St. and 8th St.  

This can be confusing because our mailing address is 714 Hill St. Basement.  If you're in front of the door that looks like the picture on the left, you're in the right place.  






Park in the City Center Parking lot located on the same side of the street, just west of CrossFit 213.  Tell the parking attendant that you are going to the gym.  Ask the front desk person for a parking pass to place on your dashboard.  The front desk person will ask for $2 and hold your ID until you are done with the pass.