1. Don’t be late. 

If you’re on time, you’re late. Plan to be early to class in order to sign-in, look over the WOD, and warm-up prior to starting. A good rule of thumb is to be at the box 10 minutes prior to go time. Cancel or change appointment times, if you must, before 5am on the day of the appointment.

2. Our equipment was expensive. 

Please treat it as such. Dropping weight should be done as a last resort for safety, not to show off or to make your life easier. If you’re in control of the weight (and you should be), then you shouldn’t have to drop it very often. There’s absolutely no excuse for dropping (or even worse… slinging) a dumbbell, kettlebell, barbell, etc.

3. Leave your ego at home. 

You know the CrossFit mantra, “Our warm-up is your workout”? It works both ways. Someone, somewhere is warming-up with your PR.

4. Your mother does not work here. 

Clean up your stuff. We have equipment racks. Use them. Don’t leave your stuff lying on the floor. If you sweat, bleed, or puke, it’s your responsibility to clean it up. We want everyone to have an enjoyable experience at 213 and to take ownership, responsibility, and pride in the box.

5. We can’t fix it if we don’t know. 

Let us know if we need to fix anything to improve your CrossFit experience.

6. Work hard. Put forth an effort. 

Don’t half-ass a WOD when you know you can perform better just to boost your score or reps. Go heavy when you can but always use proper form. Jump higher. Run faster. Remove “I can’t” from your vocabulary. You can and you will.

7. Play hard. 

Leave any kind of sour attitude at the door. Have fun, push yourself out of your comfort zone, and cheer on your comrades.

8. Do not cheat. 

You’re an adult and you should be able to count. If you can’t, get a counter. No one cares what your time was or how many reps you got. We’re all just happy that you’re here and pushing yourself. However, everyone cares if you cheated…even if it was just one rep.

9. Let the coaches coach. 

They’re certified, trained, and professional. Don’t give unsolicited advice. If you want to coach, get certified.

10. Listen to your body. 

Tell your coach immediately if you're feeling dizzy, lightheaded, or nauseous. We can help.

11. Track your progress. 

Record your WOD and/or lift results into your phone or workout journal. How will you ever know you’re getting better if you don’t? You can’t manage what you don’t measure!

12. Be consistent.