Prepaid Memberships

6 MONTHS CrossFit (15% off)
$912.90 ($152.15/mo)

12 MONTHS CrossFit (25% off)
$1611 ($134.25/mo)

10 Class Package

20 Class Package

30 Class Package


Monthly Memberships

CrossFit All-Inclusive

Open Gym

Students, Couples,
First Responders, and Military

Other Memberships

Barbell Club Only

Barbell Club + Open Gym

CrossFit / Rise Athletics

CrossFit / Evoke Yoga*



  • All memberships include unlimited access to that program. 
    • Billing information: All memberships auto-renew on the first of each month.  To cancel, send request with 30-days' notice to Last month's membership fees will be covered by initial sign-up fee if previously paid. First month is pro-rated. 10 class packs expire after 12 months and can be used for any class.

*Evoke Yoga - This membership allows you to attend any class in our schedule or Evoke Yoga's schedule, as often as you'd like.

Personal Training

Contact us to inquire about personal training. Rates vary based on length and number of sessions purchased.