New To Crossfit?

3 ways you can get started.

1. Sign up for a Crossfit membership.

  • Once you've signed up, your first Crossfit class will be Saturday from 1130AM to 130PM. If you have three or more months of CrossFit experience, you may skip fundamentals only after verification from a coach. 
  • You may begin CrossFit classes after your fundamentals session.

2. Sign up for a HIIT-X membership. 

  • This class does not require fundamentals, you are ready to start when you are all registered. 

3. Try a Free Class

  • This pass will allow you to attend HIIT-X classes, which require no prior experience or fundamentals session.
  • If you have three or more months of recent CrossFit experience, you can use your free class for CrossFit, however, you must speak with a coach before the class starts for verification. 
  • Once you've taken your class, you can continue with a HIIT-X only membership OR an all-inclusive membership.  

Experienced CrossFitter?

Send us an EMAIL telling us about your CrossFit experience.  We will let you know the best way to move forward from there. 

Visiting CrossFitter?

Sign up for a one day pass for only $20.