Pre-Order: Stronger Faster Healthier Whey Protein

We're taking pre-orders for SFH protein supplements.  This is an opportunity to get some really high quality stuff without weird additives and artificial sweeteners.  *High quality* supplements can speed up your recovery time and get you the proper nutrients you need pre or post workout when you don't have immediate access to real food.  They're most certainly not a meal replacement or an exchange for a good diet.  Hence the name supplement.

Stronger Faster Healthier offers great whey protein derived from grass-fed cows.  There are only a couple ingredients and you can pronounce all of them!  We're ordering in bulk so you don't have to pay the cost of shipping like you would if you ordered online.  

If you're interested in purchasing a 2lb bag of Pure Whey protein for $45, email with the specific flavor (natural, chocolate, vanilla, or peach-mango) you'd like so I can order it for you.  Please also indicate if you'd like to pay with a card or cash.    

For specific product information: