Gymnastics Seminar Hosted by Andy! 7/25 @12noon

Coach Andy will host a Gymnastic's Seminar on Saturday, July 25th at 12noon! Registration is $5 (just to hold you accountable!) and you can make a reservation at the link below. Here are the details...

Prerequisites to participate: 
must be able to kick up to a handstand against wall
must be able to do a static ring support for a minimum of 20 sec
must be able to do toes to bar
must be ok with partner stretching
must be ok with being spotted: will be touched around hips, legs and shoulders

Areas of Focus:
Flexibility - 15min
Body Positioning - 15min
Handstand work - 20-30 min
Handstand holds
Handstand walking
Press Handstand
Static Strength - 15 min
Planche progressions
Gymnastics WOD: 5 Rnds
4 Tucked planche leans
6 L-sit lifts
8 Handstand shoulder touches (Left and Right = 1 rep)
10 Hollow Rocks