9/5 Bod Pod and Food+Fitness Challenge Sign Up

Hi 213ers,

The bod pod will be here at the gym for body fat measurements on Saturday, September 5th beginning at 9am!  This is the most accurate measurement of your lean vs. fat mass.  It's a great tool to help you gage what your rough caloric intake should be and give you before/after data to determine if your 30 day diet change provides you with your desired results.

If you are just interested in 2 bod pod measurements (1 month apart), the cost is $90.

If you would like to participate in our 30-day Food and Fitness Challenge (2 bod pod measurements included, 1-1 meeting with coach to determine goals and eating strategy, before/after photos, prizes, and more!) the cost is $140. 

The sign up sheet and detailed info is located on the announcement black board by the front desk.  Please let us know if you have any questions!